Sunday, February 14, 2016

Miracles happen once in a while

Back then one time, my stomach hurt and every time I smoke, I vomit. That was back then when I was still an unbeliever in Islam. Afterwards, I read the Holy Qur'an and prayed all the 5 prayers I missed that day. Walla, it vanished. What a miracle. I also stole junk food and beverages at the store downstairs our condo but now I don't anymore. Allah(swt) has purified my heart and soul. Alhamdullilah.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Comp Shop again

Yeah... I got a new haircut which is semi-bald. I look like a criminal. He he. Just kidding. I haven't bought weed after some time. I tried to buy weed last time but they got none so I just bought isaw or the intestine of a chicken. My parents will be having a big amount of money with what they're doing about their business which I guess is P50 Million. I hope it will be paid soon enough. I will ask my mom to buy pizza. We ate pizza a while ago with my mom and little sister by the way. It was delicious.

I will have to stay patient as of the moment while waiting for me to go to school again. Mom said she will be enrolling me on vacation on a vocational course. It's when the slots are available. Anyways, I can't wait to join adsense and make me money from this blog.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Make money while blogging!

There's this Adsense program where you can make money through blogging on this blogger. You can check it out on the earnings link. It's easy to signup and it's free. You need a cellphone though because blogger will send you a code.

I've started doing MMO a few years ago and I began on NeoBux, a paid-to-click or PTC website. Some illegal. Until now, I still have zero on my PayPal account. But since Adsense is owned by Google and it's 100% legit, I have no worries having money with this. I can't signup due to the IP address that I used to signup my other website Sin's Crib which I deleted then. I guess I have to go to a computer shop to do this.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

I was heartbroken before by a girl named Ginger Abad Santos. That's when I became a bad boy. I saw her at UST when I just recovered from my Panic Attacks. We were having a contract and my mother is an interior designer. I told her I love her on FaceBook and I posted a lot of weird posts on her timeline and she deleted me as friend.

What's the bad boy anyway? He's the rebel without a cause. There's this girl at a store named Kambal Pandesal at the ground floor of our condo that has a crush on me. I just came out of rehab due to smoking and marijuana. I had eye contact at her. She's the cashier. Her pupils dilated. That shows she has attraction on you. I buy Mighty Red cigarettes at their store everyday when I have money. She was asking my little sister my number but I don't have a cellphone. I don't know yet who the girl is whether she's the other girl who is a cashier there also. But this one looks pretty and I bet she's the one asking for my number. I'm gonna give her my number when I have a cellphone.

By the way, I'm also planning on joining The First Filipino Rap Battle League: FlipTop. My name would be Dice cause I have a mole on the middle of my chin. I want to go to school now. It didn't happen this year due to me being sent to rehab.

I'm not telling you to be totally bad and murder somebody. It's better if you still be a nice guy but have that attitude of a bad boy which is confidence and you will attract many girls that way. It must be balanced.

I also had a fight with my little sister yesterday. She was forcing me to wear better clothes cause I look like s**t and I was pissed off due to her bossy ways and telling me I look like s**t. I yelled at her and also told them I don't want drinking my meds and what's the problem if I don't sleep early because my mom told me so because of the effects of the meds. I also told them if I get really pissed off I will kill them all. But I didn't mean that. She says people will disrespect me because of the way a dress but I haven't come across people at our condo disrespecting me by the way I dress myself. I haven't talked to her yet but she seems like wanting to make up with me again.